March 3, 2021
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Darryl A Stewart has been in the painting business since 1977. Starting in Las Vegas, Nevada His father was a general contractor and had Darryl work on job sites at a early age. He started in home remodeling learning how to retore homes back to new by learning, drywall, taping, mudding and texture. He like the finshing of things to be able to say I DID THAT! He worked while in school on a project of custom homes called Tennis Estates and learning staining and fine finishes and major production painting spraying with an airless. Leaving Las Vegas right out of high school he moved to Lake Tahoe to paint 48 condos on King Berry Grade and meet other general contrators and stayed almost 3 years doing custom homes. He met his wife Paula and moved back to Vegas to start a family and work in the fast growing home town. Being a perfectionist  he became efficient in operating large crews in the home and the commercial industry. He taught and trained all aspects of painting for Owens Plastering & Painting crews to help keep up with the demand.
Darryl left Vegas to move to Bery Ut. to work in the surrounding area of Enterprise, St. George, Cedar City, Duck Creek, Brain Head and all other surrounding areas.  His son Darryl W Stewart followed his foot steps becoming  a very hard worker and great painter. He managed a crew doing log homes, cabins for Color Country Painting. He has since moved on to work else where opening his options and raising his family else where. He comes and helps us a lot of times on his days off.  Ariann Stewart his daughter was in charge of the Chinking Division which has past away which we miss a lot. All the pictures of chink on cabins are all credited to her great work.
His wife Paula Stewart the Office Manager, all contribute to the success and integrity of the company.

Serving Southern Utah

We have been in Southern Utah for over 10 years and we provide service for all the surrounding areas. Beaver, Duck Creek, Kanab and Brianhead are just a start to where we have been.

Darryl Stewart

Darryl Stewart


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