December 7, 2022
Corn Cob Blasting, Cleaning and Stain Removal
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Corn Cob Blasting is non toxic and biodegradable being the safest way without the use of harsh chemicals, which is less labor and lower costs. The best way to remove old finishes is with medias like glass and corn cob. Restoring the wood to it’s natural beauty. We don’t so sand blasting, being that it is too harsh on wood and can damage windows and also the  wood. No water is needed for corn cob blasting allowing fothe stain to be applied the same day in most cases. Corn Cob Blasting is non toxic and biodegradable. Log Home Repair and Restoration Services offers a variety of methods for cleaning your log home or removing existing finishes. It is necessary to properly clean and prepare the surface before applying stain. Cleaning with light low pressure washing( under 500 PSI) is often recommended if your home needs a maintenance coat or additional coats of your current stain. However, careful consideration is needed to avoid damaging the wood fibers and/or leaking into your home. Appropriate chemical cleaners will be used to remove dirt, grime, molds and mildew. Rinsing is a must and proper drying time should always be a consideration. Complete removal of existing stains is often necessary if the existing stain is failing or if you want a brand new look with new stains. This can be accomplished with Corn Cob/ Glass Blasting. Chemical removal of the finish includes application of chemical strippers that are used to remove the existing finish. This method does require complete rinsing and neutralizing of the wood before applying a new finish. And something we do not do cause it is to hazardest and bad for the environment.

Corn Cob Blasting is a safe, environmentally friendly method that we also use to remove existing finishes.

This method safely removes existing finishes using corn cob media which is a natural, bio-degradable product.

Advantages to Corn Cob Blasting

  • Stripping can be done in virtually any kind of weather or temperature
  • Since water is not used, the surface can be coated with preservatives and Stains immediately
  • While moderate dust can be blown into your log home through wall joints or corners, no damaging water or chemicals will be forced through the walls
  • Produces a surface that is ideal for coatings to achieve excellent penetration and adhesion
  • The cob media is totally bio-degradable and non-toxic
  • Can be the most environmentally sound method
  • Workers are not exposed to chemical hazards
  • The method is safe for surrounding grass and shrubbery
  • This method is often used to obtain a “brand new look for your logs

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Warren Stewart

Warren Stewart


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